Félix Roulin - Let's Fly

Félix Roulin – Let’s Fly

Let’s Fly

Félix Roulin

9th September –  30th November 2016


The exhibition presents twenty pieces on the theme of Taking Flight, which have been selected from the last ten years of the artist’s production.

As Roulin recently stated:

“Aerial myths have always filled my distinct universe: Icarus, Mustang, Daedalus. Perhaps a childhood memory of war planes like Stuka, Mustang, Thunderbolt. Their metal wings replacing the feathered ones. It is only one step further that today we are entering into the ‘Bio-mechanical’ age.”

‘Let’s Fly’ is an optimistic, spontaneous and joyful exhibition, a reaction to the veil of sadness that is spreading over Europe.

September 2016 was also a key time for Roulin who inaugurated a major sculpture commission in Charleroi hospital in Belgium; a stunning assemblage of glass, steel, bronze and stone entitled “The Ages of Humanity”.